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What to do when its not working.

Let’s be real, at some point or another in your videography journey you’re going to get stuck.  

Your editing software will crash. (we’ve all been there) 
You might feel you don’t have enough clients. 
You might feel uncreative.
You might have days where you doubt yourself and your skillset/knowledge – ‘can I actually do this? ‘

I’m here to tell you – that’s 100% normal.  

In fact, they’re badges of honor. It means you care, you’re trying, you won’t give up. You see, a lot of us seem to think success is just a giant straight line with no mess-ups, down-swings or low-points – WRONG. I’ve messed up plenty of times and I know there will be plenty more times where I will learn things the hard way. But, I want you to know feeling down, questioning/doubting yourself doesn’t last forever. This too shall pass.  

Just give yourself a little slack & make sure you’re taking the right actions. Every small step counts and with time your confidence and knowledge will grow and it will become easier.

Dare I say, I prefer the Panasonic S1H over the Blackmagic pocket cam?   

I have wanted to get my hands on this camera for a while and I finally was able to shoot with it!    

And what a camera.    

I know the GH5 is already a hugely popular camera among videographers but the S1H is much like that model but insane.    

It also allows you to shoot 5.9k up to 30pfs the same as the Black Magic Pocket 6K camera.   

The Pros when using the camera, it shoots in 6k, great low light performance, five-axis in-body stabilisation, flip-out screen and excellent EVF. The only con I found when using it was the AF was shocking, good job I prefer manual focusing.   

Even though in the pictures it looks small, it has a very large body for a mirrorless camera and even outweighs some DSLRs. 

It can look big and pricey but it’s still small and affordable compared to any other cameras with the same video features, especially when you look at its Netflix approved rivals which are £10k+.

After using this camera I’ve got to say it is pretty impressive and does make me want to shoot with this over the Blackmagic…    

What do you think? Let me know!

Manual or Auto Focus?

I am just going to start off by saying there it really depends on the situation. I personally prefer to use manual focus. As you can see on the bmpc there is no autofocus. However, on my sonay7iii it does have AF and real-time tracking (which is pretty good).

So when do I use manual focus?

  • Low light situations. If you do try to use an auto focus/real time tracking in a low light situation you will notice your camera will struggle. The focus change will be unreliable and wont look smooth.
  • Focus pulling. In order to do this, you will need to be manual. IF you do this with auto focus again, it won’t be smooth.
  • Locking the focus. In order to keep someone in focus I can just lock the focus and keep the same distance away from the subject.
  • Creating artistic shots. You can create some artistic shots such as having someone out of focus and as they walk into shot they go into focus, it can look really nice. This is also good for product reveal shots.

Ok so when do I use AF?

  • Sometimes if the subject is moving quickly it is good to use real time tracking, depending on the lighting conditions.
  • If you are filming a vlog and need the camera to focus on yourself whilst in front of the camera.

If you haven’t used manual before and worry the footage won’t be in focus you turn on peaking, this will highlight what is in focus and what is not. This is pretty handy and I still use it at times.

I personally really enjoy filming in manual. I feel I have more control over what I am doing. But its all down to personal preference.

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