Let’s be real, at some point or another in your videography journey you’re going to get stuck.  

Your editing software will crash. (we’ve all been there) 
You might feel you don’t have enough clients. 
You might feel uncreative.
You might have days where you doubt yourself and your skillset/knowledge – ‘can I actually do this? ‘

I’m here to tell you – that’s 100% normal.  

In fact, they’re badges of honor. It means you care, you’re trying, you won’t give up. You see, a lot of us seem to think success is just a giant straight line with no mess-ups, down-swings or low-points – WRONG. I’ve messed up plenty of times and I know there will be plenty more times where I will learn things the hard way. But, I want you to know feeling down, questioning/doubting yourself doesn’t last forever. This too shall pass.  

Just give yourself a little slack & make sure you’re taking the right actions. Every small step counts and with time your confidence and knowledge will grow and it will become easier.