Hi, I’m Jenny.

I’m an award-winning freelance videographer and photographer with a passion for all things creative.

I have experience in creating high-quality videography and photography content from e-commerce to advertising, product to property, commercials to the music video, I’ve done it all and everything in between because I’m passionate about making striking content, wherever it’s intended to be consumed. 

My mission is to push the limit of creativity and ideas by creating unique, impactful, and refreshing content alongside your vision.


Using the right equipment for the job.

My current go-to camera equipment at the moment is the Panasonic S1h. However, I have experience using lots of different cameras and equipment. From Sony Fs7, Fx9, Fx6, to the bmpcc 6k, Sony a7iii, Sony a7siii, and Panasonic S1h. I am extremely flexible and have knowledge on knowing what equipment is suitable for what job given the brief, requirements, and budget.

I have worked in a number of studios across the UK and currently use the largest in the Northwest for a lot of my shoots. Therefore, I have an excellent knowledge of lighting and sound, as well as a videographer/camera op. I also have a great studio for shooting content.  

Get in touch for a free consultation or a quote for a project. contact@jennyalicefilms.com

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My values

01. Be grateful.

When we take the time to focus on all the good in our lives, from the people we love to being able to work on my passion, we become happier and more positive people.

02. Have passion.

Passion allows you to be more than you think you can. It drives you to push limits (limits which you often create for yourself) and it gives you the opportunity to inspire.

03. Be authentic.

Being authentic is about presence, living in the moment with conviction and confidence and staying true to yourself.

04. Stay curious.

What we don’t know or understand isn’t something to be ignored. Asking questions leads to more information and a better understanding.

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