I always get asked what it’s like being a woman in such a male-dominated industry.  
It was something I never even thought about when starting as a videographer, however after working in the industry it was a big wake up call.  

I do get a lot of comments when filming which I can laugh about now, because most of them I’ve heard before. However, at the beginning I did take it to heart. In a strange way though, being underestimated has always fuelled me to not give up and to work harder.  

You are always going to get comments or people trying to stop you or make you doubt yourself. It’s their problem, not yours. The only way you can succeed in anything is through determination and passion. Never taking no for an answer and trusting yourself and what you can achieve.   

One thing I know is there needs to be more female videographers. But I get it, it can be intimidating and people will try to throw you off. But, I really believe when you have a passion for something it doesn’t matter what people say or think.  
I love reaching out and connecting with other female videographers. Every videographer I meet has their own style and that’s what makes the creative industry so diverse and interesting.

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