Attention to detail is brilliant in a lot of circumstances, however, can also be incredibly time-consuming. 

Have you ever finished a project and then been hung up on one tiny detail that has stopped the project from being complete? This is when you need to pause and examine what is really going on. 

Ask yourself: Am I using my time wisely? Am I being productive? Of course, you should never let your standards slip, but recognise the cost and time that is going into making something ‘perfect’. 

I have noticed I have become a lot more productive now I have let go of the idea of over analysing and perfecting everything. It was something I had to let go of in order to move forward in my career. 

Yes we would all like to be perfect at everything we do, but the reality is especially for a freelancer is you need to hit your deadlines and use your time effectively. 

Of course I hold myself to high standards when it comes to my work, but if you over analyse everything you are doing it’s never going to get done!

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