Finding comfort in discomfort
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Each time that you put yourself out there, each time that you try something new you are taking a risk…

That’s nothing profound we all know that there is no growth in your comfort zone.. so you’ve just got to take your pick..

You either risk it or you stay the same..

If you fear the possibility of embarrassing yourself …
If you fear the risk of failing …
If you fear the possibility of someone not liking you …

Then you will never take a chance and then there is no possibility of you getting better or growing. Whether it’s personal growth or business growth.

You don’t owe anyone anything, and you don’t have to be liked by everyone. Don’t let people’s opinions stop you from pushing yourself and doing what you love.

I know the only times I have really learnt or grown substantially have been from putting myself in new uncomfortable situations. Likewise some of the best experiences that have happened to me have happened through pushing myself and being completely out of my comfort zone.

We need to stop thinking failure is a bad thing. We need to stop worrying about people’s opinions. Most people are so self-involved they don’t judge other people. Seriously.

That one memory that keeps you up at night from something embarrassing in high school has been instantly forgotten by everyone else, who are kept up by their own embarrassments. Laugh it off and move forward.

Being vulnerable is brave. Trying something new is brave. Knowing you are going to fail, make mistakes and mess up and still trying again is brave.

Here’s some photos of my first assault course a few years ago, I remember when they did the countdown and I thought “oh crap.. what am I doing”.

It was really hard but by the end I felt so good! Since then I have completed numerous other courses with friends and it’s one of my favourite challenges outside of my work to do.

As silly as it sounds, you have to find the *comfort * in discomfort and take the leap. 💫

Let me know your thoughts,


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