Why shoot on 4k
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I often get asked why I shoot in 4k and even 6k on the bmpc..

4k gives you way more options. Just because you are shooting in 4k, doesn’t mean I have to work in 4k. For many projects, 1080p is good enough.

The benefit of shooting in 4k is a quadrupled resolution, allowing you to have a lot more video to work with. Stablisation: if you shoot in 4k your software has a lot more pixels to work with when stabilising than if you shot in 1080 footage.

You can crop from a mid-shot to a close-up without losing quality so it’s a lot more versatile in post. Obviously, I would always say shoot as perfectly as you can so you don’t need to mess around with the clips too much in post, but it’s always good to have the flexibility.

All I’m saying is, 4k has been around a long time now, so if you aren’t filming in 4k already… make the switch for 4k’s sake.

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