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What to do when it’s not working

What to do when it’s not working…   Let’s be real, at some point or another in your videography journey you’re going to get stuck.   Your editing software will crash. (we’ve all been there) You might feel you don’t have enough clients. You might feel uncreative.You might have days where you doubt yourself and your skillset/knowledge – ‘can…

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Manual or Auto Focus?

I am just going to start off by saying there it really depends on the situation. I personally prefer to use manual focus. As you can see on the bmpc there is no autofocus. However, on my sonay7iii it does have AF and real-time tracking (which is pretty good). So when do I use manual focus?…

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Jenny Alice Films | Fashion Promo | Haus of Juicy

Little promo snippet for Haus of Juicy  Inspo taken for a recent pretty little thing promotional video.  Loved this shoot and the roller blades.  🔥🔥🔥 Gear used: Sonya7iii, ronin s Connect me with on my socials:

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