A truth about being an Entrepreneur.
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Today is #NationalEntrepreneurDay! 

There’s a glamorous side of being an entrepreneur that everyone aspires to… The truth is, the day in the life of an entrepreneur is never the same or easy and it’s a lot of hard work. My thought process goes a bit like… 

‘I’m excited!’ “This is hard!” “ITS WORKING!” “I messed up” “This is going great!” “I think I’m going bankrupt” “I’m good. I don’t know why I get so down on myself!” “Am I doing the right thing?” “I’ve got this!”  

Being an entrepreneur means you will experience rejection, LONG days, feeling uncomfortable, self doubt, failures.. The list goes on. But being an entrepreneur means even when everything is going wrong, everything looks like it can’t get any better, you get back up and you make a plan. A plan that can still even though all the odds are against you make it work. To say being resilient is important is an understatement.  

This is why anyone who runs their own business knows it is hard, especially in today’s circumstances with a pandemic… but the hard work will pay off. Consistency is key. Always show up. Believe in yourself! Surround yourself with people who believe in you and will remind you when you forget that YOU CAN do this. You are capable.  

So on that note I just want to thank all my close friends, family, mentors who have dealt with me when I’ve been tired/down/stressed and for always believing in me when I haven’t.

I know I have a long way to go, the work continues.  

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